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Team Coach – Getting Started on the “My Team” Page

1 In the upper right corner you can edit the team info here

2 Complete the fields with you team info

3 Scroll down and click Save once you have entered all of your information

4 You can add players to your roster! Click Search Player to find players already in the system

5 If you do not find the player (email search or name search) then Click New Player to create a new player.

6 Once you have added the player info Click Save & Exit (or save and add more) and the player will receive an invite to join the roster.

7 Click Team Web Profile to see your customizable team website

8 In the upper left Click this tab to open up the many functions available to you in your locker

9 Click My Team Website to update and customize your site

10 That’s it. Great job Coach! We will get back with you to go over more great features soon. If you have any questions just use the BLUE button in the lower right corner.

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