About Us

We love sports and we see a great sportsman in every Athlete!

We are Real Time Athletes!

A Perfect Companion for your sports journey from Amateur to Professional Sports!

Our Vision – Bring to limelight every sports player and create equal opportunities for every talented player. Real Time Athletes is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced collegiate athletic recruiting and player development platform anywhere. We have a solution for every role in the process. We aggregate all data to create a complete 360° view of the college bound recruit and match them to college scouts via patent pending predictive placement technology.

Our Story

The Past:

Sports is our passion. We created our business out of passion and love for sports. Everyone loves to play some sport or the other. Few of them continue playing sports after their high-school graduation with a desire to pursue a career in sports and few of them play their favorite sport through their adult life. However, a vast majority of amateur and recreational players never get any recognition or platform to showcase their achievements or games. We created RTA platform to empower athletes and allow them to connect, share and talk to their peers all over the world! The other side of this story is the need that exists to find talented and skilled players in different sports. There is a huge demand for talented and skilled players in different sports from college-coaches & Recruiters. However, finding this skilled player that is a perfect match for a College-coach/Recruiter’s need is like finding a needle in haystack. That said, the opportunity is also missed by athletes as the channel through which this information can reach an athlete is limited. It is out of these needs that the idea of Real Time Athletes was born about 4 years back.

The Present:

It took a while for us to create a minimum viable prototype for our vision. We started testing our idea for one sport – Softball. We launched the platform under the brand www.fastpitchrecruits.com and slowly but steadily, users started coming into the platform. Over the last 3 years, we have built about 10 independent modules connecting every entity in sports ecosystem – Athlete/Player, Parent, Team-Coach, Team-Manager, Recruiter/College-Coach, Scout, Promoter, Trainer, Tournament/League Manager, Camp Manager and Skill Evaluators. While we provisioned for all functional requirements for each of these entities to achieve a near-about perfection in our offering so that it is perfectly aligned with the requirements of each entity to manage their needs, the platform is still evolving and we are improvising our offering everyday.

Fast Forward: Today we are poised to take a full leap into the world of sports and our platform is ready to connect players/athletes from every sport. No matter which part of the world you are or which sport you play, RTA’s platform is fully compliant with majority of sports.