We connect every role in the recruiting and player development process.

College Coaches & Scouts

The most technologically advanced and complete recruiting tools and recruit search engines anywhere!

Team Coaches

Total team management suite. Rosters, schedules, alerts, profiles, messaging, recruiting tools and much more.

College Bound Athletes

A complete DIY recruiting platform for players. Promote your athletic and academic profile.

Area Scouts

Independent, experienced and professional scouts who provide private skill assessments to players individually, at camps and play event.

Skill Eval Combines

Players are evaluated in 5 skills areas as well as tested in all key athletic measurables. Players receive a personal SW Report in their player portal.

Athletic Performance Testing

Patent pending technology that allows athletes to be tested, measured and ranked based on pure athletic ability.

Showcase Events

Tournaments & Camps. We built the best event management software to make every athlete 100% visible to college coaches and scouts.

Instructional Camps

Specifically engineered to focus on individual player development needs. Not just a canned one size fits all. These camps get players measurable improvements.

Digital Evaluation

Can’t get to an SW Combine? In a remote area? Send in your skill video along with your profile data and SE returns a complete player development eval report.

Certified Trainers

Local trainers are certified and gain skill and test specific knowledge and training. Players can lookup, research and select registered SW certified trainers in their player portal.

Certified Testing Centers

Access individual trainers and measure your performance gains by getting your Athletic Index tests at your local training center. Find a center near you in your SW player portal.

The RecruitBoard

Travel teams need players, players need travel teams, colleges need player and players need college teams. The RecruitBoard is the “Craigs List” for athletics.

Virtual Recruit Guide

Never miss a step in the recruiting process! You are sent tasks that guide you along the recruit timeline. Complete the right task at the right time and never lose track.

1:1 Recruit Assist

We assign a Certified Recruit Specialist to you who will directly help you manage your recruiting. From organization, qualification and promotion your CRS will help match you to the schools that best fit what you are looking for.

The ScoutWire

The ScoutWire is a report that is sent to colleges each month. It only contains player info on those recruits that exactly match what the college is looking for. These recruits are vetted, qualified and validated before they can get onto this report. A true patent pending “Predictive Placement” service.

Team Organization

Have multiple teams? We created the perfect portal so you can get a 360 degree view of all your teams on 1 dash! Communicate, see team schedules, see team rosters and much more.