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Director – Keep Pitch Counts

This information is then recorded on the game, in the team roster history and on the player history.

To get started the team coach must add the game line-up. This is very easy as any scheduled game shows on the tc’s locker dash here:

Simply click on the Team Line-up button for the event. This will show the games for that event:

Then select the game and add the line-up by dragging and dropping the players in batting order, sub list and select their position for the game

The tc can print or share the digital lineup as needed

The official game score keeper assigned by the Event Director can now add the innings pitched and number of pitch’s on the pitcher. Note: the scorekeeper can also do live box scores and commentary if desired. Obviously they also add final game scores to set standings and move brackets.

On the game detail page for the event the counts can be seen

Also on the player profile and the team history page

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