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Director – How to Add Locations

1 The first step is to open Tourney and click toggle

2 Click Events

3 On an event tile Click Manage

4 Scroll down and click Locations

5 Click Add New Slot – allows you to create resource availability for the venue. Example; Park A has 4 fields. Three are available all week from 8am to 11 pm. Field 3 is only available Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

6 Click Add New Location

7 Add the location master information here. Be sure to use google maps address so your participants will have map directions on their phone.

8 All you locations will be saved to your library for future use. You can search for a location here and add via the plus button.

9 Once you have added a master location you can edit the location as needed for the event. You can remove fields here

10 Click the X to remove and change DAY availability as needed

11 Click the plus to Add new fields as needed

12 Add the new field

13 Click Edit location to edit field info

14 Here you have a list of all fields and can edit as needed for this event. Your master will not be changed. Click update to save the changes for this event.

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