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Team Coach – Some Key Features for Team Coaches

1 Easily manage your team and all of your players right from your dashboard.

2 You get a complete website to showcase your team and players.

See a Team Site HERE

3 Your Team Roster page showcases each player on the team.

4 Each of your players get a complete profile page that they can manage themselves.

See a Player Profile Site HERE

5 Easily print out your team profile flyer. No more late night last minute cut and pasting!

See a sample Team Profile

6 Easily print out a complete team roster.See a ROSTER HERE

7 See all of your players information right from your dashboard.

8 Drill down and see all of the detailed information on your players.

9 Including each players Athletic Performance Score Sets

10 You can also see their overall average scout eval scores.

11 You can see the scouts who have rated the player as well as each skill category ratings, strengths and weaknesses.

12 You can download the players complete Evaluation Report.Download a sample report HERE

13 You can manage your entire custom team website with ease

14 Add practice and training docs, team docs etc. and make them available to your players.

15 Keep track of your wins/losses and team stats

16 See all of your notifications in one place.

17 Add practices, games, team activities to the calendar and sync up with all of your players and parents app.

18 Find and access the best training content.

19 It’s a complete social channel! Status posts, chat, follow team and players.

20 You can log into your players profile portal to help them out.

21 Here you can see and manage everything your player can manage.

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