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Team Coach – How to Update Roster Info

1 You can update your master roster in your locker. You also can update the event roster as needed. The first step is to open AthPro360 and click My Team Roster

2 On this page you can add players, remove players, login as a player (premium) etc.

3 Do manage an event roster Click here to go back to your dash. (note your master roster will always be pulled in to an event when you register. So you do not have to keep multiple rosters updated)

4 On the right side find the event and Click View Details

5 Click event roster link

6 Here you can update the event roster. If a player is not attending simply add to not attending list. If you recently added a player to your master roster, you can add them to the event from the “not attending” list.

7 That’s it. You’re done.

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