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Director – How to Create a New Event

1 The first step is to open Tourney and click the menu in the upper left

2 Click Tournaments

3 Click Create Tournament

4 On this page you will add all of the basic information about the event. Once done, SCROLL DOWN and just save as draft or publish.

5 In this section on the event tile you can:
Manage event, Edit the guts, Delete (if no scores are posted), add a reg widget to your site, add game scores, invite or open to all, add posts to the event wall

6 To manage the event Click Manage

7 First Click Add Location

8 Here you can add and keep a library of all your locations. Once done Click Back To Dashboard

9 Click Add CMS to create customization’s of the event landing page

10 Click Back To Dashboard once you are done

11 Click edit all divsions of event to make universal division changes

12 Click Back To Dashboard when done

13 Click Edit on a division tile to edit that division setup

14 Click Manage on the division tile to access that divisions setup and schedule

15 On the right side, these control bubbles are in order to complete your entire event. Just follow each and you are done!

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