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Director – How to Create a Coupon for an Event

1 The first step is to open Tourney and click toggle

2 Click Master

3 Click Event Coupons

4 Click Add coupon

5 Click Is Event specific coupon

6 Click Select a event select

7 Scroll down and click highlight

8 Scroll up and click Enter discount percentage %

9 Type Enter discount percentage %

10 Click Enter coupon code

11 Type Enter coupon code

12 OR you can Click Generate coupon code for a machine generated code

13 Click Max number of user can use

14 Type Max number of user can use

15 Click Expiry Date

16 Click Select day

17 Click OK

18 Click Enter description

19 Type Enter description

20 Click Add coupon

21 Now your users will have the coupon option on the event payment window

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