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Director – Event Dashboard Features

1 You can edit all division info here

2 Mass update division info

3 Click Add Location

4 Here you keep a library of your locations. Click Back To Dashboard

5 Click Add CMS

6 Here you can manage and customize your event landing pages. Click Back To Dashboard

7 Click Payments to see all payments for the event.

8 Here you can manage each division Click highlight

9 See Collections, Sales, Public Landing Page hits.

10 Sales

11 Click View all teams

12 Here you can see all teams and players in the event. Send messages, add notes, send payment links and more.

13 Click Back To Dashboard

14 You can send event alerts directly to all fans via the mobile app

15 You can add your vip’s (college coaches, scouts etc.) and show them on the event site.

16 Add and track things to do for the event.

17 Weather updates for the event locations

18 Add live scores right from your dash.

19 Add and promote your sponsors on the landing pages.

20 Track and assign your Volunteers

21 See if any games are violating your event scheduling constraints to take action.

22 That’s it. You’re done.

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