Key Executives

Key Executives in the company:

Bob Surane
Chief Executive Officer
Bob is an entrepreneur with a vast experience as an athlete and a travel coach. He is in charge of all of RTA’s operations, ideas, marketing and business development. He owns, a premiere commercial printing company in the west coast for 25 years. He was also a travel coach for 19 years and owns D1 Edge Training Center. He owns an upscale gym (CoreFIT 24-7) in Cornelius, North Carolina, and has ownership interest in The Shade Hotel and Rock N Fish restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA. Prior to these, he was a D1 collegiate athlete for four years. He graduated with a degree in Marketing from California State University-Long Beach. Since then, he has directly recruited hundreds of athletes into college.
Bhuvana Kumar
Chief Technology Officer
Bhuvana is the Chief Executive Officer at Cyberindigo Net Pvt Ltd. Cyberindigo is a leading software solutions company that has been in business for the past 16 years. Bhuvana is professionally qualified Cost & Management Accountant and holds a degree in Finance & Business Accounting. Prior to Cyberindigo, Bhuvana held the position of Director for Sales & International Operations at Microworld, Inc. (eScan Security Solutions).
Abhijeet Shinde
Abhijeet is Project Manager that has been managing RTA project from the time it was started about 7 years back. A very demanding task-master that looks for perfection in every task that is assigned, Abhijeet is a bundle of energy, passion and most humble professional. His knowledge and skills spawns across multiple technologies as well as databases. A leader that is loved and looked upon all team members, Abhijeet carries around him an aura of charisma, confidence and knowledge. He leads the team but gets down to nuts-and-bolts of doing tasks himself when there are deadlines to be met. No wonder the team-members love and hate him at the same time. Abhijeet holds a post-graduate masters degree in computer application, a graduate degree in physics and still calls himself a learner. He loves photography, travelling and spiritual discourses. He lives with his wife and family at Pune. Abhijeet is fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi.
Madhav Palshikar
Madhav is the most trusted general in the army that can be called in at any time during the day or night to combat any demanding situation. He brings his vast experience and knowledge in software programming to build the core application architecture for modules in RTA. He is instrumental in introducing and building blocks for any new technologies that has been introduced in ever-growing RTA platform. Madhav is skilled in open-source technologies, programming, logic building, analytical reasoning, coding, cloud-servers and mobile technologies. He loves reading, plays guitar, loves photography, bird-watching, travelling and last but not the least, programming. Madhav holds a bachelor's degree in information technology from mumbai university and lives with his family in Mumbai suburbs. He is fluent in English, Marathi and Hindi.
Robert Surane
Data Analyst - 2 years
Masters of Science in Business Analytics Robert is business minded professional that consistently goes the extra mile on all of the projects he has worked on. He is a hard worker and does not shy away from challenges; he welcomes them and will not quit until the goal has been accomplished. Robert is very diligent in the work that he does; he is detail-oriented and leaves nothing to chance (not Chance Willis). As a member of the team, he brings strong business, analytics, and design skills. He holds a Master's of Science degree in Business Analytics from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. During his free time, Robert loves weightlifting, backpacking, cooking, and photography.