Player, Team social networking, Sports Talent Prospecting, Development, Management & Recruiting

AthPro360 is a social networking site that makes it easy for athletes, fans, sports teams and sports enthusiasts to follow, connect, share, discuss and enjoy the sports you love! We also provide a robust set of online tools for a complete 360 degree evolution of a player combined with proprietary data analytics & AI tools for college coaches & scouts to find a perfect match for a team.



Player Performance Testing, Rating and Evaluation

AthEval is a player performance testing, rating and evaluation platform. Using patented combine testing drills, evaluations techniques and algorithms, the individual objective test results create a corresponding Athletic Performance Index (API) and Skill Performance Index (SPI) for each player tested These two metrics have become the single most important objective statistical measurements in the area of player assessment, self-evaluation, and player development. Our patented process then combines these two critical Player Performance Metrics into a single Player Performance Index (PPI) number. The PPI is now used as the only true predictive placement metric for both recruiting and player development in the country.



eLearning for Sports

Online Training & Coaching lessons, videos, wiki, discussions, assessments, knowledge-sharing and tips/articles straight from Experts and Coaches combined with social learning tools empowering players, coaches, umpires and Professionals.